Crafted by nature, shaped by creativity

Creativity is the maximum expression of our intellectual ability, it is the factor responsible to push our curiosity and desire to understand and reshape nature in many different ways. By developing manual skills and learning how to transform materials, humankind was brought to a stage where creating or producing anything is taken as granted. However, even with the increase of large scale production processes, craftsmanship still has its charm power of attraction among us. The idea of something that was carefully crafted by an expert with years of experience and devotion towards handmade techniques, adds an extra sense of value and meaning to the objects around us. 

When it comes to the development of fabrics, the production of silk is probably one of the oldest and most meticulous abilities in this field. Its origins date back to 6000 BC in China, where this elegant and beautiful fabric started to play an important role in human history. But we cannot forget that flowing parallel to the technological development we also always had art around us. From rock paintings to modern art, we witnessed creations with no need of precise style or purpose, but vital for the expressions of our inner feelings and the reflexions about our reality. Meanwhile, craftsmanship gave us things to use, art gave us questions to think or just simple moments of pleasure through purely metaphysical productions.

Believing that art should break the boundaries of the museums and art galleries and be present in our daily life, we chose pure silk as the canvas where artists from all over the world will give life to creations that will give you an exclusive touch to your style. Each design will be signed by contemporary artists who will share their artworks through silk scarfs, handmade finish by skilled professionals.

We invite you to learn more about our commissioned artists in the special page that we designed for them and also stay tuned in this blog, where we will be introducing the artists who will be collaborating with us and all the updates about our brand. This blog will also be a space for well-picked content related to the trendiest topics from the art and fashion world.

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