Baubeau de Secondigne, Argentina

I was born with a pencil in my hand and since then, despite life’s many obstacles, I kept on and on and never gave up. I painted and drew as much as I could. I left sculpture for my later years and now it is a part of who I am, it has entered my life and is accompanying me.

I exhibited in Argentina, France, England and the United States. My art studio is a personalized teaching and learning space. Under my guidance, marvelous artists flourish. I held solo exhibitions in many Art Galleries in Buenos Aires, participated in various Art Halls and was awarded several prizes.

I am constantly trying to go beyond the image and incorporate innovative elements to my work. I cannot remain static… I am a dynamic person, forever evolving, growing and learning.  


La NoblezaOil on canvas
Scarf 45x45cm  | R$ 217,00

ProteccionOil on canvas
Scarf 60x60cm  |  R$ 327,00

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