Maite Rodriguez, Spain

Born in 1956 in Salamanca Spain, Maite Rodriguez has always been inspired by her surrounding environment and nature. She began her art career by studying fine arts at the School of St. Eloy in Salamanca, under the supervision of Zacarias Gonzalez. At just 10 years old she won her first prize in a drawing competition, working with charcoal and chalk. With this beginning she progressed to paint in, acrylic, create collages and experiment with mixed techniques of drawing and painting.

Maite continued her art studies under Antonio Pedrero, Carmen Mayor Ricardo Flecha and created styles where it passes the initial realism to create more modern impressionism. She eventually develops her skills with oil paints experimenting in various unique styles, ranging from classical realism, to modernism, contemporary art. Maite believes in the continual development of her artistic talent and so regularly continues her learning by attending multiple courses in Madrid, Spain.

Recently Maite favors creating large canvas artwork on which she explores the themes from nature. This has led to the creation of the collection Magic Forest, New Art, and Dalias. In these collections Maite has incorporated iconic natural settings, which capture the essential qualities of life, as she thoroughly believes that without nature there is no life. She portrays a mood of growth, energy, and vivacity through her use of vibrant colors where she takes inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky ́s color theory. Frequently, her themes are emphasized with her different techniques that add texture and distinctive brush strokes to the subject. On occasions, Maite integrates her affinity for nature with her cultural heritage, which is demonstrated in her Menina and Landscape collection.

Each artwork contains her signature, which is accompanied by a four-leaf clover, a symbol that has a special and personal connection to the artist.

Her artworks are modern and contemporary which instantly encapsulates the viewer and transforms any living space. Maite ́s artwork has proved popular with individuals and collectors alike in Europe and the United States with her unique style, techniques, and vibrant colors.


BorobudurOil on canvas
Scarf 90x90cm  |  R$ 415,00

CuracautinOil on canvas
Scarf 90x90cm  |  R$ 415,00

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