Sylvia Baldeva, France

Sylvia Baldeva combines her passion and love of creating Fine Art with her talent as a successful freelance Illustrator.

Born in Bulgaria she was bathed in an artistic environment. Now she lives and creates her Art in Paris. She has a Fashion and Graphic design diplomas as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Fine and Contemporary Arts from the University of Sorbonne, Paris.

She is a Canson's Artist-Ambassador.

Her creativity is guided by freedom of expression, working in an intuitive and spontaneous way. Creativity for Sylvia is a journey between control and freedom where subjects display poetically their feelings, moods and emotions. She has a particular sensitivity for techniques where colour-flow reveals the subjects and forms.

Her subjects vary according to her inspirations. People, animals, landscapes are her pretext for expressing atmosphere, mood, feeling, emotion...


WildWatercolor on canvas
Scarf 45x45cm  |  R$ 217,00

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