Berit Bredahl, Denmark

I was born in Denmark, and have been drawing and painting since early youth.

My artistic formation was from Copenhagen School of Fashion and Design as a stage costume and fashion designer hence my love for beautiful fabrics. I have lived in Germany and France where I had my own fashion brand.

In 2000 I moved to Italy to concentrate on my painting.

My chief sources of inspiration are the many diverse cultures and artistic expressions I have come across during my numerous travels throughout Asia and Africa.

My designs are also influenced by the many gardens I have visited from the Mediterranean (where I now live) to South East Asia.

I hope that the products I have helped to design will bring beauty into the lives of those who use them.

Persian Peacock, Acrylic on canvas
Scarf 45x45cm  |  R$ 217,00

Silk Road Inspiration, Acrylic on Canvas
Scarf 60x60cm  |  R$ 327,00

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