Gill Bustamante, UK

I am a professional artist based in Sussex and I paint original landscapes, seascapes, animal and bird inspired paintings in oil on large canvases. My painting style is a fusion of Expressionist, Impressionist, a little Art Nouveau and something I refer to as ‘Memory Impressionism’. I coined thisphrase because my artwork is often created after visiting or walking somewhere I have affinity for. I then make a painting that captures my impression of that place along with the colours and the way I felt about it from memory.

As a child, I taught myself to draw and paint by copying animals and horses out of books on an almost daily basis. Then in 1979 I did a foundation course at Chelsea and then a degree course at Brighton where I graduated in 1983 with a fine art degree in sculpture. I then worked in a studio on the seafront for a while making sculptures with an architect for clubs and hotels.

On moving to East Grinstead in the late 80's, I began painting for an art agent that specialised in animal, people and bespoke portraits and soon became skilled at painting dogs and horses in a classical style. I also took on mural painting commissions and wrote and illustrated a few children's books.

In the late 90's I began teaching art adult education courses for Central Sussex College as well as running my own art courses. I sell my paintings via my own website and in on-line art galleries. I have exhibited at the Mall galleries, London, Chelsea open exhibition, Chequer Mead, East Grinstead, The Hawth Theatre, Crawley, Sheffield Park, Brighton festival, Art at 5 Gallery, Brighton, Wills Art Warehouse London, Gabriel Fine Art, London, Blue Moon Gallery Tunbridge Wells, Shoreham gallery, Ashdown Gallery, Forest Row and many others.

Tiger OdysseyOil painting
Scarf 60x60cm  |  R$ 327,00

Jungle PortalOil painting
Scarf 90x90cm  |  R$ 415,00

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